Our services

Our years of experience and love for well-worked luxury have resulted in a wide range of services. From strategic partnerships to branded content tailored to your brand.

However, we truly believe that each client has an ideal plan with its particular range of services. The way to discover that plan is not presenting everything we do, but knowing ourselves personally to truly understand the essence of your brand.

Here we present the three major branches of Romero and let us glimpse some of the many services that are in each. But if you really want to discover that strategic plan that adapts to your brand as a glove, it is best to arrange a meeting and get to know each other.

Designing and Creating Contents
Relational Marketing
Unique experiences
High End Shopping
Our own networking
Business Development
Business Consulting

The High End is the highest condition of each practice, it is the result of taking care of every detail of what is done with the precision of a craftsman and the passion of an artist”

High End Marketing

Luxury Marketing is our jewel in the crown.. We have a wide experience developing all kinds of actions and strategies whose target is to raise your brand. From all kinds of online tactics to such traditional practices as magazine design and production, and content generation.

But our top technique is relational marketing: we have a premium networking of clients that allow us to develop all kinds of events and actions in which we join strengths to enhance results. They do not know yet; but given the similar profile of consumption, the clients of our clients are made to be your clients.

  • Brand Identity Design
    Photo studio
  • Design and edition of video: events / corporate
  • Design, creation of editorial content
  • Media Agency: offline / online media planning
  • Inbound Marketing Plan
    Web Design
  • Digital marketing strategies
    Management of Social Networks
  • Creation and management of B2B marketing actions
    Relational Marketing: organization, event management.
  • Sponsoring

High End Growth

Our commitment to our clients is maximum, so that we go beyond marketing and communication. We have in-depth knowledge of the management of prestigious brands, and so that has allowed us over the years to be able to advise strategically helping brands keep expanding while strengthening the market. If your company is interested, we can provide from brand consulting to strategic business consulting for internationalization, helping you to grow in the direction you want.

  • Contribution of our own Networking
  • Strategic business consulting: national and international
  • Business development of our partners / clients
  • Advice on networking: tailor-made courses

High End Broker

And the reality is that if you are a person who works in the luxury sector, it probably means that you appreciate luxury. In Romero we have a high expertise of a large number of luxury sectors, which allows us to offer our services as curator and concierge, providing only the best of the best. The Romero premium network that we have built year after year help us to grant our clients facilities and privileges of all kinds. Based on the most important value in this aspect: Trust.

  • Gastronomic experiences
  • Doctors / Private Hospitals
  • Jewelry and watches
  • Fashion
  • Art
  • Unique experiences: cultural, corporate
  • Automotive
  • Real Estate
  • Schools
  • Legal Services