One of Romero’s keys is to have built a Premium Networking over the years. Our network of contacts includes our exclusive selection of clients, both companies and individuals. We have shaped this network of contacts to enhance the value of each of its members. We connect companies so that they can carry out actions that they would not have been able to carry out alone, creating large-scale strategies that obtain satisfactory results thanks to the union of forces of several brands of great value.

Also, by acting as luxury brokers, we have access to a wide list of individuals who know how to appreciate luxury products, generating a perfect symbiosis with the brands we work with. Brands get high value customers, while individuals have access to unique privileges that otherwise would not have been possible.

The recipe for success

We are often asked our key to success. As we have grown, we have understood that there are 4 essential ingredients that result in a winning concept.

1. Talent

First, it is worth highlighting talent, an intrinsic force in the High End sector. Quality is born, among other things, from talent. That is why in Romero we have invested time in looking for talented people in all areas to be able to build a multidisciplinary team capable of addressing any need of our customers with a high quality performance.

2. Effort

Talent alone can get little. Effort is essential at many levels. We strive to build a powerful B2B and B2C network so that our relational infrastructures can increase the reach of your brand dramatically thanks to our ability to combine your business with both companies and individuals related to your field of action.

3. Constancy

It is not enough to achieve great results once. Brands require constant care and care. Our Premium Networking is a perennial structure that is always empowering and privileging its members, so that each participant is always more than satisfied to be part of it.

4. Trust

Trust is without a doubt our key to success. We execute with talent, work hard and nurture our clients with constancy. All this results in a high trust relationship with all brands and people we work with. All this allows our Premium Networking to grow gradually, becoming more robust and increasingly beneficial for all who are part of it.

This is also achieved thanks to our philosophy, rosemarying: it is about spicing our relationships with good taste. Every time a company or individual helps Romero achieve his goals (whether they are his own or for a client), we do not forget him. All support is remunerated, either economically or through “spices.” Because our maximum assets are our relationships, and by taking care of the trust we have with all of them we make sure to reinforce the value of our network of contacts and strengthen our role as a nerve center through which all brands and individuals who appreciate the High End.

Israel Romero

Israel is the very root of Romero: it is he who has sown and nurtured the philosophies and practices that today are the essence of the brand. A person who has spent decades creating and nurturing a powerful network of contacts that have allowed him to erect what Romero is today. He has also served as director of MKT, commercial and advertising director of companies as relevant as Grupo Prisa, JCDecaux or Grupo Selecta, so he has enormous knowledge in regards to brand communication and the latest marketing trends.

Currently all his professional expertise based on trust, transparency and maximum professionalism, has evolved towards business advice, accelerating business generation processes and reducing costs to achieve it, as the cornerstone of his professional identity.