BARCELONA, the desired city

Barcelona is a magical city that captivates all the people who visit it for the first time. There are multiple reasons: the weather, its people, the culture, the sea, the quality of life … and without a doubt, its gastronomy.

Catalan cuisine enjoys international recognition since the Middle Ages. Already in 1475, the writer and humanist Platina described the Catalans as great gourmets and compared them to the Italians “in relation to their spirit, customs, the way of living and eating.

The character of this millennial cuisine was forged by being in contact with numerous civilizations such as the Iberians, the Phoenicians, the Romans, the Arabs and the Jews. Thanks to the diversity of influences, Catalan cuisine is not only Mediterranean and differs from neighboring kitchens.

Barcelona was, historically, a large port where ships from the American colonies were unloaded. Thus, the region became a privileged laboratory to experience new recipes based on new products.

French, Italians, Spaniards, Portuguese and Maghreb, all have left their mark on Catalan cuisine, which, so to speak, serves as a link between Lisbon and Istanbul, the Mediterranean arch.

The gastronomic diversity of Catalonia is explained, in part, by its geographical location. Located between sea and land, Catalonia shines through its contrasts and that is why it produces a large volume of different foods.

Catalan Cuisine, a culinary art that is constantly renewed

Since the 80s of the past century, Catalan cuisine has been reborn thanks to chefs who are constantly creating new versions of more traditional dishes. It is worth mentioning the great names of Catalan cuisine such as Carme Ruscalleda, Santi Santamaría or Carles Gaig, who were always at the forefront of innovation and contributed to making Catalan cuisine a renowned worldwide. Furthermore, The Celler de Can Roca restaurant owned by the three Roca brothers, in Girona, which was awarded the title of best restaurant in the world in 2013.

But, perhaps, the best known chef of all is Ferran Adrià, a true culinary artist who continues to occupy the leading positions. If it is true, that it’s very important for him to work with the traditional flavors of Catalan cuisine, it is also true that he is dedicated to experimenting with new tastes in his laboratory as if he was a researcher.

Thus, Catalan cuisine is very surprising and today, its breadth of records is very wide, ranging from traditional cuisine of a lifetime, to the most avant-garde cuisine, international reference.

Barcelona’s Mediterranean Gastronomy
Experience 2019

An event with international projectionl

With a world-class cuisine, a city among the firsts in the world in quality of life, and chefs recognized as world references, Romero Premium Networking, has created a premium gastrocultural experience to be held between 23 and 26 October 2019

Romero Premium Networking, is a company based in Barcelona, whose mission is to project Barcelona, Catalonia and Spain at the level they deserve. This first event will focus on Catalan cuisine, and more specifically, aims to display the most traditional cuisine that has been the reference for current chefs. Adding, also, the interpretation of it that some of those chefs have made, which reinforces without a doubt, Catalan cuisine one of the most recognized cuisines in the world.

That is why we want this recognition of Catalan cuisine to be extended internationally with the true value it has. And for this, we have joined 3 people who share a deep love for gastronomy, art, Barcelona and Catalonia.

Therefore, we will join forces to channel all our energy, towards that common goal: to spread our gastronomy and art, with people who have those same desires in life, and where human values such as sharing translate to a different dimension, becoming the true engine of society, which needs initiatives of this kind to be aware of the size and potential we have.

Israel Romero
CEO & Founder of Romero Premium Networking

Xavier Lahuerta
Executive Chef Mercer Hotel Group

Josep Fèlix Bentz
President Reial Cercle Artístic

Planning of activities of the Barcelona’s Mediterranean Gastronomy Experience 2019

The grand Opening will begin in an incomparable, unique and emblematic framework of the city of Condal: The Reial Cercle Artístic de Barcelona, headquarters of the Institut Barcelonés de l’Art, located in the heart of the old Barcelona, the Gothic quarter, and very near the cathedral of the city.

The Reial Cercle Artístic is a private non-profit society, declared of cultural interest in 2003, the purpose of which is to gather people who cultivate or have a fondness for Fine Arts, and encourage cultural activities.

It was founded in 1881 by a group of Barcelona painters whose purpose was of creating a space to promote the cultural life of the city. Therefore, the entity has maintained a prominent role in Barcelona’s artistic and social life. Its current President is Josep Fèlix Bentz, one of the promoters of BMGE.

Since 1959, its headquarters are in the former Pignatelli Palace and Bassols House, on Arcs street number 5 of Barcelona.

In a very cultural and artistic environment, we can enjoy the renovated Reial Cercle Artístic, in all its most iconic and private rooms. This event that opens the BMGE 2019, seeking to pay tribute to the city of Barcelona, and to the traditional Catalan cuisine, which has marked the twentieth century and has remained throughout in the twenty-first century.

That is why we will have the presence of David Andrés, the Executive Chef of the Michelin starred Restaurant Via Veneto, and the support of a whole Barcelona institution such as Casa Alfonso. They will remind us through their dishes why they have remained so many years as references of Catalan cuisine where the quality of products and recipes always prevail. 

Together with them, Xavier Lahuerta Executive Chef of Mercer Hotel Group will also present his gastronomic interpretations of the usual cuisine.

David Andrés is one of the most important young chefs in Spain, three times proclaimed the Best Young Chef in Spain, and a finalist for the best Young Chef in the World for three consecutive years. He is the current Executive Chef of the Via Veneto restaurant in Barcelona, where he has arrived after being the Chef de Cuisine of the three Michelin starred Abac Restaurant by Jordi Cruz.

He is a person who has struggled to achieve everything that has been proposed of him, and now, after passing through Ábac and Celler de Can Roca, he has the challenge of succeeding in the restaurant with the oldest Michelin star in Barcelona.
Casa Alfonso is more than a tavern or a restaurant: it is a cataloged institution and heritage of Barcelona. Born in 1934, it is one of the most representative places of traditional Catalan and Spanish cuisine. After 85 years and three generations, the secret of its success are: maximum quality in the products they offer and recipes of traditional cuisine, and of course, an exceptional room service.

His soul is in each dish, in each recipe and in each service, and that is why the local public and the most demanding international critics merge there, always looking for the same thing: maximum quality and excellent service.

Alfonso García is the third generation owner of Casa Alfonso and has developed and evolved the business that his grandfather started, with his own products such as his Priorat wine and his Guijuelo Bellota Ham, simply spectacular.

This day we will begin the experiences heading towards Girona, with a visit to the city.

The so-called “City of the Four Rivers” shows us a historical center dominated by medieval buildings of Roman, Arab and Hebrew reminiscences. It is in the walled enclosure of the Força Vella where the peak works of its historical evolution come together.

Its privileged situation between the Pyrenean Mountain Range and the Costa Brava allows for a multitude of excuses, both to localities and to natural spaces worthy of mention.

Later we will enjoy a very special lunch, in the Mas Marroch, the usual and most exclusive space of the events of El Celler de Can Roca. We will have a menu designed for the occasion, and as a climax, we will have the presence of the Roca brothers who will welcome us to their space.

Brothers Roca (Joan, Josep y Jordi)

Behind the vocation of the three Roca brothers and the deep respect they feel for their roots and tradition, there is a cook who does not have her name embroidered on her jacket and does not make innovation or creativity the slogans of her culinary philosophy: their mother, Montserrat Fontané. Nonetheless, the passion for the culinary arts has been transmitted from mother to children: cooking with rigor, generosity and affection.

Created in 1986 by Joan and Josep Roca and Fontané, El Celler de Can Roca is heir to Can Roca, the traditional food house located in Taialà, which their parents, José and Montserrat, have maintained since 1967. One day, that humble bar, from humble neighborhood, saw that the effort, ingenuity and talent allowed the root of that popular food house, a branch full of avant-garde cuisine and sophistication.

Now, and after the third brother, Jordi, was added at the end of the 90s, the restaurant has achieved worldwide recognition. The first Michelin star was earned in 1995, the second in 2002 and in 2009 the third; In 2013, the restaurant ranked first on the list of The World ‘s 50 Best Restaurants, and Jordi Roca was named Best Pastry Chef in the World in 2014.

At night we will enjoy dinner in one of the restaurants with more tradition and a tradition in Barcelona, Mercer Barcelona Restaurant, which is located in the Mercer Hotel, a five-star Grand Luxury accommodation. 

It houses history, modernity and avant-garde decoration, the result of the design of the award-winning Spanish architect, Rafael Moneo.

Something that differentiates the Mercer Hotel from any other hotel in Barcelona is that its structure is part of the original wall of Barcino, the Roman settlement that gave rise to Barcelona.

The renovation of this property gave special attention to historical elements – such as a wooden beam from the 16th century with medieval paintings – but at the same time, in a fresh and modern environment. In fact, stone and wood are two elements always present in the design.

For example, among its common spaces is a library that includes a catalog of volumes dedicated to the history of Barcelona.

With its Executive Chef, Xavier Lahuerta, that day he will create a menu based on traditional Catalan cuisine and he will have the help and collaboration of Núria Gironés, the current Director of the Ca L’Isidre Restaurant in Barcelona, one of the most emblematic restaurants in the city, created by Isidre Gironés in 1970, and one of the most important pastry makers in our country.

Chef Xavier Lahuerta, an authentic gastronomy ambassador of traditional Catalan and Spanish cuisine, made a Copernican turn in his professional life three years ago. He stopped and wanted to explore. He wanted to understand the world where he lived and what he wanted to contribute to the world, because Xavier is a nonconformist. Making him a person who wants to perceive what is happening in his environment and leave his mark, his personality on the road.

Now he reaps the fruits of that intelligent break and consistent with his consciousness. He knows the path he chose to walk and create a new environment around his own interpretation of the world.

Lahuerta is not a typical chef, who adapts to the places where he works, but uses one of his most excellent virtues, his vision, to create a new reality that balances his gastronomic commitment with the entrepreneur’s numbers. Also innovating again in this environment so uncomfortable for most chefs, the business management of a restoration project.

A conceptually created kitchen with more vegetable and smaller quantity of animal protein, of primary, fresh and top-quality products. With clean and white dishes and with only 3 elements that combine design and art, and that fully reach diners through the maximum sensitivity of the Catalan chef.

For Nuria Gironés, cooking is something that comes from the family. In fact, the passion for this world was instilled in her grandmother who cooked at home. Nuria Gironés is the eldest of four daughters of Isidre Gironès and Montserrat Saluvo who founded the Ca l’Isidre restaurant in Barcelona in 1970. From a young age she combined the studies of Hotel Business Management with work in cooking and pastry, in the historic restaurant that his parents founded. The “social part” of gastronomy, family tradition and love for the world of wine, discovered by his father Isidre Gironés, led her to train in some 3 starred restaurants in Europe, and she traveled to France due the link that her Father had with this land.

With enthusiasm and respect she assumed in 2017 the direction of the iconic restaurant that her parents founded. With a subtle redecoration and some novelties in its gastronomic offer, the house has wanted to approach a young clientele without giving up a kitchen with top quality product bought every day in the La Boquería market. She considers that the Ca l’Isidre restaurant has not lost its Catalan and Mediterranean essence that has always characterized the restaurant, while making changes that have adapted it to the current era.

In the morning we will go on to make a wine tourism experience at a very important winery located in the Penedés region, where we can taste the wines and champagnes of the winery with a partnership presented by our Wine Connoisseur Zoltan Nagy and designed by Xavier Lahuerta.

Later we will have lunch at the winery, with chefs Joel Castanyé and Xixo Castaño, both with a Michelin star, who will offer us a tasting menu of traditional indoor Catalan cuisine.

Joel Castanyé.

He is one of the chefs with the most potential in Catalan cuisine. During his career he has passed through Neichel, Ábac and Bulli.

A vocational cook, he knows that cooking in a place like that of the Lleida territory, forges a way of doing and being, where self-taught learning is the best school, since every day he learns something new.

Executive chef of his own restaurant: La Boscana, (Bellvís, Lleida), won the first Michelin star in 2018.

Talent and unlimited vision
When we look at the gastronomic offer that Joel Castanyé offers us, we cannot prevent our taste buds from starting to dance with emotion. True to a traditional cooking style with seasonal and local products, so close that they even come from their own garden, this transversal chef does not hesitate to dare to innovate with new textures and flavors.

Their dishes, designed to the smallest detail, present top-quality raw materials that achieve fresh and innovative flavors on the palate.

Xixo Castaño.

Josep Maria Castaño Piñol, aka Xixo Castaño, is the owner of the well-known restaurant La Malena de Gimenells, Lérida and Estrella Michelín. With a refined, complex and thoughtful kitchen, it is also a kitchen very attached to the tradition of our territory but taken to an avant-garde point.

And it specializes in grilling and culinary experimentation, getting an unrivaled signature cuisine based on local products.

El Xixo studied at the Sant Narcís Hospitality School in Girona, where he met an exemplary classmate, Joan Roca. Then he went to practice in many restaurants in Catalonia until he returned to Lleida.

The white coat chef and nice name does not stop repeating that his kitchen is very simple and that the secret is to use quality food and if it can be, kilometer 0.

In the evening we will enjoy a wonderful dinner at the Blanc Restaurant of the Mandarin Oriental Hotel, five-star Grand Luxury hotel, by the hand of Carme Ruscalleda, three Michelin stars, and the team of his son Raul Balam. In a unique and very unique environment, in the heart of the city of Barcelona, in its most international street: The Paseo de Gracia. They will design a special menu for the BMGE.

She is currently the only woman in the world who has seven Michelin Guide stars three for her restaurant Sant Pau in Sant Pol de Mar (Barcelona), two for Moments, in Barcelona at the head of whose kitchens is her son Raül Balam and two more for the Sant Pau restaurant in Tokyo.

Its cuisine is based on the tradition of Catalan cuisine, but always giving a touch of modernity. He has always been concerned that his cuisine is healthy, so he focuses on the seasonal produce of his land, adding “certain poetry” to what he cooks. Hardworking, cheerful and generous, she does not hesitate to transmit her knowledge in editorial publications for the general public. 

Carme Ruscalleda.

And to finish the BMGE 2019, we will have as a party finale, a Gala for all to remember. In the old DAMM Brewery Factory, we will organize an unforgettable evening. The old Damm factory, historically known as La Bohemia, is an architectural complex located in the Eixample district of Barcelona, listed as a Documentary Interest Property.

Built in 1905, it served as a beer production plant until 1992 and, since then, it is Damm’s corporate headquarters and also hosts multiple cultural and leisure events.

With three excellent chefs who will invite us to dream. Paco Pérez, three Michelin stars, Carles Gaig, A Michelin star and Xavier Lahuerta, Executive Chef of Mercer Hotels Group.

Together they will lead us to gastronomic ecstasy and show us the true potential of Catalan and Spanish cuisine.

The culinary vocation of Paco Pérez woke up early. At age 12 he was already working in the hospitality industry, with his beginnings as a click in the restaurant of the Hotel Beri, where he began his training in traditional cuisine.

Develop a kitchen that overflows creativity, anchored in the roots and proximity. Thanks to his tenacity and his good work in the kitchen, Paco Pérez adds six Michelin stars among four of his restaurants, but recognizes one as his mother house, Miramar Restaurant, in Llançà, Girona.

Formed with greats such as Michel Guèrard, one of the parents of Nouvell Cuisine and holder of 3 Michelin stars and in elBulli, of Ferran Adrià, also three Michelin stars, according to Paco Pérez himself, they changed their vision of what it meant to give eat.

The Miramar restaurant is the mother house of Paco Pérez, in which there is a workshop where they develop the dishes and the concept of business outside Llançà. In addition, the chef also assumed the gastronomic direction of the Enoteca restaurant (at the Hotel Arts in Barcelona), which today has two Michelin stars. And in less than a year he got a Michelin star for the restaurant Cinc, of the Hotel Das Stue in Berlin, where the gastronomic offer of the Miramar is collected, to which the star obtained in the 2019 Michelin Guide for its restaurant Terra de S’Agaró (Girona).


Paco Pérez: 6 Michelin Stars.

Carles Gaig: An icon of traditional Catalan cuisine.

He started as a cook in 1979. He was the Executive Chef of the family establishment of CanGaig, founded in 1869 in the Horta neighborhood of Barcelona, ​​of which he is the fourth generation to wear it, distinguished with a Michelin star in 1993. He is also Executive Chef of the restaurant La Cúpula in Fuerteventura, with a Michelin star and of the restaurant Porta Gaig in terminal T1 of the Barcelona Airport. Carles Gaig also carries the gastronomic direction of La Torre del Remei in Puigcerdà,
At present. He owns the Gaig Restaurant, in the Eixample district of Barcelona, ​​where he has recovered many traditional recipes of Catalan cuisine and opened his Gaig Restaurant in 2015 in Singapore.
Cannelloni, one of his most emblematic recipes, that he has been preparing since he was six years old. He learned all the classic recipe book and offers a traditional updated kitchen; his is a work of preservative of essences that adapts smoothly to the future of time. In addition, he is passionate about classic and traditional cuisine well done and well updated, that is, based on fine-tuning a classic kitchen and adapting it to new times, eliminating a series of excessive fatty elements, but maintaining its essence.

Xavier Lahuerta, chef executive of the Mercer Hotels Group.

Schedule of the Barcelona’s Mediterranean Gastronomy Experience 2019

BMGE opening event 2019

Dress code: Smart Casual.
19.00: Reception of the guests at the Reial Cercle Artístic de Barcelona.
20:00: BMGE 2019 presentation.
22:00: End of the BMGE presentation event 2019.

Free invitation for all participants of one or all of the BMGE 2019 activities.

Cocktail Presentation of BMGE at the Reial Cercle Artístic de Barcelona.
David Andres (Via Veneto, Xavi Lahuerta, Alfonso House).
Total: 50€ Per Person.
(*) Free if all activities are contracted)

Dress code: Casual.

09:30: Departure to Girona.
11:00: Exclusive visit to the historic city of Girona.
03:00: Arrival in Mas Marroch (Celler de Can Roca).
13.30: Lunch at Mas Marroch.
16:30: Return to Barcelona.

Dress code: Elegant/Smart Casual.
20.30: Reception at the Mercer Restaurant.
20:45: Dinner at the Mercer Restaurant.
23:00: End of dinner.

Girona + Mas Marroch lunch: 230€ per person.
Mercer Restaurant Dinner: 110€ per person.
Total: 340€ Per Person.


Dress code: Casual.
10:00: Departure to Sant Sadurní d’Anoia.
10:45: Exclusive visit to the winery.
12:00: Wine and food snacks.
13:30: Lunch at celler.
16:30: Return to Barcelona.

Price per person: 165€. Transfer from Barcelona to Sant Sadurní d’Anoia and return to Barcelona included.

Dress code: Elegant/Smart Casual.
20:30: Reception at the Blanc Restaurant (Hotel Mandarin)
20:45: Dinner at the Blanc Restaurant
23:00: Endo of dinner.

Penedés + winery lunch: 165€ per person.
Dinner Blanc Restaurant at Mandarin Oriental Hotel: 165€ per person.
Total: 330€ Per Person.


Dress Code: Gala.
19:00: Reception of the guests in the Old Factory of DAMM.
20:00: Presentation BMGE Gala 2019.
21:00: BMGE Gala Dinner 2019.
24:00: End of the BMGE Gala 2019.

Gala and dinner with Paco Perez & Carles Gaig and the Old Damm Factory: 230€ per person.
Total: 330€ Per Person.



+34 618 344 968
+34 647 854 523

Avda. Sant Ramon Nonat 32, 5* piso, 08028 – Barcelona (Spain)

Total price of all gastronomic activities: € 950 per person. BMGE subscription price: € 50 per person.